Why Choose The rTMS Centre

Expert and professional mental health service

The rTMS Centre is the leading practice in providing Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for mental illnesses. TMS was pioneered and developed at the Hallamshire Hospital (Sheffield) in 1985, by Prof Anthony Barker.

In 1985, Prof Anthony Barker and colleagues were the leading innovators in TMS research and development. This ground-breaking research in the field of brain stimulation lead to the pioneering of TMS for the treatment of mental disorders.

Why Sheffield

Sheffield is a vibrant city with ecstatic people and there are plenty of coffee houses, restaurants and boutiques to enjoy wherever you go with a warm welcome. Sheffield can be both stimulating and calming with different types of live music and theatre setting for ones taste. The Crucible theatre is both famous for in-house produced work and world championship snooker.

The magic of sheffield is surely the Peak District, characterised by moorlands and rocky ridges. The Peak District makes sheffield the greenest city in Europe and a lovely place to visit.

the peak disctrict landscape sunset
the peak district autmnal landscape

Peak District – Photography Workshop

Sheffield based photographer Francis J Taylor is a multiple award-winning professional photographic artist, specialising in landscape and wildlife photography. His photography has been sold, exhibited worldwide and published in books and magazine covers. Alongside his personal work, Francis offers bespoke photography workshops in the Peak District and around the rest of the UK.


kenwood hall hotel

Kenwood Hall Hotel

Accommodation suitable for 3 to 4 week stay.


Short stay option.

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