What we value most at The rTMS Centre is your mental health. Improving mental health with repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation treatment.

Our consultant psychiatrist will provide an expert assessment of your mental health and evaluates your suitability for TMS Treatment.

The rTMS Centre is providing medical loan options for people who wish to undertake TMS treatment.

The rTMS Centre Sheffield – Improving Mental Health

We practice for you

The Specialist in clinical TMS treatment for mood & anxiety disorders.

rTMS is a ground-breaking treatment for severe depression with over 35 years of thorough clinical research and development that began in Sheffield.

The rTMS Centre opened in 2015 after the NICE guidelines approved TMS as an effective treatment for depression.

3 steps to TMS Treatment

1. Are you suitable?

The first step to finding out if you are suitable for rTMS treatment is to complete our screening form. We will review your screening form and contact you or feel free to call us straight away. Learn more…

2. Your consultation

You will complete a thorough psychiatric assessment with Dr. Matta (Consultant psychiatrist). This 60-minute consultation will evaluate your mental health history and determine your eligibility for rTMS treatment. You will get a chance to see rTMS in person and find out how it works. Learn more…

3. Starting TMS treatment

You choose what date you want to start the treatment. The first day: your motor threshold and treatment intensity will be determined. Objective measurement of your depression symptoms will be completed by our mental health (TMS) technician. You are now ready to start your first session of rTMS treatment. Learn more…

TMS treatment Sheffield
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2018 Yorkshire & the Humber Award

“Based on the research conducted by the Awards and Research Team, the rTMS Centre in Sheffield was awarded the title, ‘Most Innovative Depression Therapy Clinic 2018 on SME News Yorkshire & the Humber Enterprise Awards 2018, for their provision of depression therapy which is not reliant on pharmaceuticals.”

Despite being in use since 1985 and approved by major medical associations, rTMS remains a lesser-known treatment for those suffering from depression. However, by introducing this form of treatment via its private clinic in the Yorkshire & the Humber region of Northern England, Mr. Nima Amiri (Practice Manager) and Consultant Psychiatrist, Dr. Salim Matta, are introducing another depression support mechanism to a region with the need of more services in this field. 

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SME Award rTMS Centre
Yorkshire & the Humber Awards

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