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Our values 

At the rTMS Centre, we believe in care with excellence. We pride ourselves in providing the best care possible both during and after the treatment. We give every client the respect and value they deserve and we tailor our care towards our client’s needs.

“Our core values and principles evolve around our clients and their needs.”

Our mission

Our mission is not just to provide rTMS treatment, we aim to reduce mental health stigma. Our mission involves working alongside schools, businesses and charities to raise mental health awareness.

By raising mental health awareness within our community we will reduce stigma and empower individuals to take early interventions.

Mr Nima Amiri

Clinic Manager – Mr Nima Amiri

Mr Amiri is the clinic manager at The rTMS Centre (Sheffield). Mr Amiri completed his Masters in Neuroscience at the University of Sheffield with a special interest in the development of TMS. He has a strong interest in using TMS for treating mental health disorders.

Mr Amiri is a qualified counsellor with a person-centred approach as well as a background in mental health & Psychiatry. He has a broad knowledge and understanding of issues revolving brain disorders, with a special interest in depression and Anxiety.

He has been certified in the clinical use of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS) by the Maastricht University (Clinical training providers for TMS).

Consultant Psychiatrist – Dr Salim Matta

Before studying medicine, Dr Matta completed an honours degree in Chemistry following which he worked in research which led to publications. He attended St George’s University School of Medicine and completed his clinical attachments in London and New York City hospitals.

Dr Matta moved to the UK in 2004 where he completed his psychiatric training. He is a Consultant Psychiatrist, on the specialist register with a CCT in General Adult and Substance Misuse Psychiatry. Dr Matta is also the Medical Director for one of the UK’s largest independent providers of inpatient mental health care.

Dr Matta has vast experience in mental health and a special interest in the field of TMS. He joined the team at The rTMS Centre (Sheffield) in 2015.

About The rTMS Centre Sheffield
About The rTMS Centre Sheffield

Non-Executive Director – Mr Tim Bird

Tim is a subject matter expert in all aspects of crisis management including emergency response, incident and crisis management, business continuity and recovery.

For the last 19 years, Tim has focused on assisting high and critical reliability organisations around the world to be prepared for catastrophic unscheduled events and crisis situations.

Tim has a business background and a pragmatic approach to problems and has worked in most areas in the world.  Tim has a forces background, a professional engineering qualification and is a qualified UK mountaineering instructor and a qualified Electrician.

Workplace mental health support and education is a priority for Tim and his organisation. Tim’s organisation has become a proud sponsor of ‘Mental Self’ and aims to reduce mental health stigma in the workplace.

Tim has a special interest in Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation technology and aims to use his expertise in business to aid the development of TMS treatment in the UK.

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