TMS treatment patient review

Nima has been excellent. he responds quickly to requests and if he misses your call he calls you back promptly. 

He is polite, patient and explains things clearly.

His good customer care skills definitely played a part in our booking with the centre rather than another company.

Very satisfied and I would highly recommend the centre.

I had been suffering from depression all my life, over 30 years. I didn’t get a lot of success from medication throughout my illness. Living with depression has been difficult and a constant struggle, but I had to live with it. I believed that there was no way out of the depression until I started the rTMS treatment at the rTMS Centre in Sheffield. rTMS treatment has given my life back and now it is wonderful to live without depression. I enjoyed my 5 weeks at the rTMS Centre; the treatment has been very successful and effective.

I decided to go with TMS Therapy, and what I noticed was that after about 2-3 weeks, I felt like I was young again. Like 20-years old. Things about my life that were bothering me sort of just unconsciously fade into the background now. I have interest in other things, simple things like picking up a book, actually reading it, and enjoying… rather than just seeing the words on the page and thinking about other things in my life that were bothering me.

Before TMS I had nervous energy and stayed active to keep my mind off things, but my anxieties were not under control. Now they are better. I am lively and willing to do more things – I don’t isolate as much as I used to. I had no side effects. Meds made me feel sluggish and blah. I would say ‘Do it!’ if you are thinking about TMS. I was so sceptical, but by the third week, I could start to tell a difference.

Dr Matta and Nima were both welcoming and understanding about my personal situation. Nima was always very pleasant, caring and helpful throughout the course of my treatment. He was very informative and was able to answer my questions in a supportive manner.

My initial consultation through the RTMS Centre was, welcoming, informative and most of all, a warming experience. This was due to the caring, sensitive approach by both, Nima and Dr Matta.

Nima, my initial contact, settled my anxiety with a light-hearted conversation and caring manner, this put me at ease before meeting Dr Matta.

Dr Matta thoroughly went through my previous and past health conditions, followed by an informative talk about the treatment. All my questions were answered clearly, leaving me positive and looking forward to starting the treatment.

A big thank you to Nima and Dr Matta.


I have no hesitation in recommending the rTMS centre. Nima and Dr Mata genuinely care about what they do and put you at the centre of everything. If you are thinking about having rTMS then you won’t find a better place to go.

I have been on medication for anxiety since I was 15 and antidepressants since I was 19. Though they helped I never felt like things were managed. I began to notice a change by the 3rd week of treatment. I no longer feel on edge or worried all the time and have already reduced my anxiety medication drastically and am working on decreasing my antidepressants. Close family and friends have even commented that I seem more “chipper”.
Dr Matta and Nima were really friendly and helpful throughout the entire process.

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